Shipping Information

Shipping Information


Standard delivery takes 1-5 days (excluding weekends and holidays) within the United States. We Offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS within United States !
When you make an order, we’ll send you a confirmation email that includes a tracking number along with an estimated day of delivery. While we can’t guarantee this, we always try to deliver your items on (or even before) this date. 

Please make sure that all your delivery information is entered correctly. We want to get your package to you as quickly as possible, and any typos or errors can cause delays!

Delays can also be caused by your local customs office, who may require some extra time to clear your items. 
(It’s up to you to check your local postal regulations – we can’t be held responsible for any items that fail to clear customs). 
Your items will then be delivered either by a courier, or by your local postal service.

International Shipping

We currently offer international shipping only to Canada. Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout.